This file was created by the TYPO3 extension bib --- Timezone: CET Creation date: 2021-02-12 Creation time: 13-09-29 --- Number of references 23 article BartschJP2019 Simulations of an ASA Flow Crystallizer with a Coupled Stochastic-Deterministic Approach Comp.& Chem. 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Recent results show that the process stability does not only depend on product-related process parameters but also on the formation of functional zones in the fluidised bed chamber, especially the formation of a spray and drying zone. In this work a systematic evaluation of zone formation in different apparatus designs (e.g., top- and bottom-spray in cylindrical apparatuses) and its influence on process stability is performed, resulting in a stability regime map for the different apparatus designs and key operation parameters. 7th International Granulation Workshop 2015: Granulation across the length scales Layering, Fluidised bed, Process stability, External classification, Bifurcation analysis A3 // 0032-5910 A.Bück C.Neugebauer K.Meyer S.Palis E.Diez A.Kienle S.Heinrich E.Tsotsas article Neugebauer2016 A dynamic two-zone model of continuous fluidized bed layering granulation with internal product classification Particuology 2016 - Abstract A dynamic two-zone model is proposed to address the formation of granulation and drying zones in fluidized bed layering granulation processes with internal product classification. The model assumes a constant volume for the granulation zone, but a variable overall volume for the fluidized bed to account for classified product removal. The model is used to study the effect of various process parameters on dynamics and process stability. Stability is shown to depend on the separation diameter of product removal and the flow rate of the injected liquid. A lower and upper range of separation diameters with stable process behavior are found. In an intermediate range instability in the form of self-sustained oscillations is observed. The lower stability boundary is in qualitative agreement with recent experimental observations (Schmidt, Bück, &amp; Tsotsas, 2015); the upper boundary was reported in a theoretical paper by Vreman, Van Lare, and Hounslow (2009) based on a single zone model. 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The underlying process models explicitly account for compartmentalization of the fluidized bed into a granulation and a drying zone, which is an important feature of many technical processes. Implications for plant operations are discussed with the help of stability diagrams as a function of zone size, residence time within different zones, the addition of external seeds and particular properties of the sieve-mill cycle. Fluidized bed, Granulation, Population balance, Stability, Bifurcation A3 // 1674-2001 C.Dreyschultze C.Neugebauer S.Palis A.Bück E.Tsotsas S.Heinrich A.Kienle article Palis2015 Auto-tuning Control Systems for Improved Operation of Continuous Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation Processes with External Product Classification Procedia Engineering 2015 102 133 - 141 Abstract In this contribution control of continuous fluidized bed spray granulation processes with external product classification is studied. From a practical point of view control schemes being easy to implement and maintain using standard process control systems are preferable. Hence, the focus will be on standard <prt>PI</prt> control structures. In order to account for variations and uncertainties in the process an additional tuning procedure should be included. Here, an optimization based online controller adaptation scheme called iterative feedback tuning (ITF) will be investigated. 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