Operating System Group (OSG)

Our Research and Teaching activities are centered around operating systems: From hardware over system software up to languages and compilers with a focus on constructive methods for the design and development of adaptable and versatile system software. The group is led by Christian Dietrich

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2021-05-21 ARA: Static Initialization of Dynamically-Created System Objects at RTAS '21

Björn Fiedler presents our paper ARA: Static Initialization of Dynamically-Created System Objects at the 27th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS '21).

In the paper, we present ARA, a framework for static specialization of operating systems for embedded systems. ARA is capable to statically detect operating-system objects dynamically created during run-time and replace them by statically prepared equivalents. ARA is a major building block of our reserch project AHA towards the goal to fully automatically analyze and specialize applications and their system software.

The presentation videos, source code and evaluation artifacts are available at the paper's details page: ARA: Static Initialization of Dynamically-Created System Objects

2021-04-05 Neue Lehrveranstaltung: Betriebssystembau

In der Lehrveranstaltung Betriebssystembau lernen die Studierenden die konzeptionellen Grundlagen und wichtigen Techniken kennen, die für den Bau eines Betriebssystems erforderlich sind. In den vorlesungsbegleitenden Übungen werden diese Kenntnisse praktisch angewendet, indem ein kleines PC-Betriebssystem in kleinen Arbeitsgruppen von Grund auf neu entwickelt wird.

2021-04-01 New@TUHH: Operating System Group

Christian Dietrich investigates principles, methods and techniques for the development of general- and special-purpose system software and operating systems. His teaching activities will focus on the topic of operating systems and the broader area of systems software development in general.

2021-03-11 Promotionspreis der GI/ITG Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme

Auf dem virtuellen Frühjahrstreffen der GI/ITG Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme, hat Christian Dietrich den Promotionspreis für seine Dissertation Interaction-Aware Analysis and Optimization of Real-Time Application and Operating System erhalten. Der Promotionspreis wird jährlich von der Fachgruppe für hervorragende Promotionen auf dem Gebiet der Betriebssystemforschung vergeben.

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