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SPP 1679

DFG-Priority Programme SPP 1679

Dynamic simulation of interconnected solids processes

The material and the energy conversion of technical processes often consist of many individual substeps, which are interconnected by material, energy and information flows. The networking of each component has significant influence on the dynamic behavior and the stability of such processes. For the design and optimization, especially with respect to the reduction of energy and raw material demands, not only the individual components should be simulated, but also the dynamic behavior of the total process. This is state of the art in fluid process engineering as there are several tools commercially available for dynamic flowsheet simulation. However, such tools and dynamic models, that allow for a dynamical flowsheet simulation independent of the considered system, are missing for the field of solids process engineering. The reason for this is the complex description of solids with their multivariate disperse parameters and the associated processes for the conversion of solids. The main focus of the Priority Programme is the development of numerical tools of the dynamic simulation of interconnected solids process. Therefore, the dynamic models of each machine and apparatuses of solids process engineering should be formulated and implemented.