Approximation of Operator Semigroups

Bi-continuous semigroups

Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows with Deep Learning and Quantum-Inspired Computing

Connector-Breaker games on random boards

Observability and controllability for systems in Banach spaces

E-learning and e-assessment in mathematics

Fractional Powers of Linear operators

Kernel-based reconstruction methods

Laplace transforms for generalised functions and the abstract Cauchy problem

Linearisation of vector-valued functions

Machine Learning methods for Parallel-in-time algorithms

Maker-Breaker games on randomly perturbed graphs

Networks of queueing-inventory systems

Parallel-in-time algorithms for bathymetry reconstruction with SWE

Pathwise Uniform Convergence Rates for Stochastic Evolution Equations

Parallel-in-Time PDE-constrained optimization

Parallel-in-Time methods for Initial Value Problems

Queueing-inventory systems with priority classes

Queues in an interactive random environment

Random perturbation of sparse graphs

Research Area: Extremal Set Theory

Spectral deferred correction methods for second-order problems

Semi-open queueing networks and robotic mobile fulfillment systems

An efficient numerical method for the Maxey-Riley Equation

Update of rank-structured preconditioners for saddle-point systems in fluid flow problems

Walker-Breaker games on G(n,p)

Algebraic Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Hessenberg Matrices

Finite Sections of Aperiodic Schrödinger Operators

Fast Strategies in Waiter-Client games

Fredholm and Spectral theory

Hierarchical Matrix preconditioning of Saddle point problems

Stokes Operator on Lipschitz Domains

Research Area: Positional Games

Research Area: Ramsey Theory

r-cross t-intersecting families via necessary intersection points