Smart Sensors Group

Welcome to the Smart Sensors Group of the TUHH! Our research focus is digital data and signal processing, real-time data processing, energy-efficient processing, as well as reliability, fault tolerance and embedded fault diagnosis in the context of 'smart' sensor technology.

The Teaching is related to the above-mentioned main topics and teaches general contents around technical computer science (Technische Informatik).


2023-02-21 Our paper has been accepted by IEEE Inertial 2023

To increase the efficiency os embedded sensor devices, compression of streamed data are of high importance. Our paper Efficient Online Compression for MEMS based BCG Wearable Sensors on ULP FPGA presents a lightweight and efficient online compression for BCG data!

2022-11-01 New Doctoral Researcher at Smart Sensors Group

Lucas Bublitz joined the Smart Sensors group as Doctoral Researcher with the beginning of November. He will strengthen our research team in particular regarding low-power processing and, in the upcoming semesters, he will assist in our Master's courses (Energieeffizienz in eingebetteten Systemen und Smart Sensors). Welcome, Lucas!

2022-08-04 Our Paper has been accepted by IEEE MASS 2022

As Sensor devices are often deployed outdoors, the environmental conditions can get worse. In our paper Analysis of Temperature Effects in Heterogeneous Outdoor Wireless Sensor Networks we investigated this effect.

2022-06-24 Nice Video about our Experiment

Nice video about our experiment on ISS NASA Space2Ground. The interesting part within nice pictures and videos on board of the ISS start at min 1.52. There is also a Twitter Post by ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti with more details.

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