Anomaly Detection from BCG Signal With Artificial Intelligence

From recent work it can be summarized that deep learning has been performing reliably and accurately in detecting anomalies from ECG data. According to the current state of the art, automatic anomaly detection from BCG data is still lacking. Thus, in this work, we will use deep learning to detect anomalies from BCG data.

Research will be done more specifically on the BCG data and anomaly detection with deep learning. The workflow of the implementation will be finalized and required tools will be determined.

BCG data will be collected and Exploratory Data Analysis will be performed. The collected data will be processed and used as training data. As we do not have BCG data from heart disease patients, we will generate test data by separating a part of the training data and injecting erroneous data into it.

As deep learning model development is an iterative process combined with develop- ment, training, testing, and evaluation, we will spend most of the time in this work package. We will continuously improve the model by tuning model architecture, layers, and parameters and determine the best-performed model.


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