Im Pitch von Doktorand Jens Hennig erfahren wir, was ein Bioverfahrenstechniker am Institut für Technische Biokatalyse 🥼so Spannendes macht👏. Und da Englisch die Sprache der Wissenschaftskommunikation 🎓ist, seht ihr hier den Original-Text:

Have you ever thought, that you can’t do something🤔? That you aren’t good enough, or just aren’t made for it😥? I am Jens Hennig, PhD student at the Institute of Technical Biocatalysis and I teach enzymes to do perfectly, what they have never done before 💪. In my case, they perform a borylation reaction, they were never designed for, they haven’t even ever heard 👂about. However, under the right conditions, those protein chunks can even do better, faster and more precisely, than the best chemical catalysts in the world 🤩 and are thereby a sustainable and green alternative💚. So now, you’d better believe in yourself and try whatever you want to do 🥳. For example, start a bachelor’ s course in bio process engineering at the TUHH and join us at our institute, helping us to create a better and greener future💚. 

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